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Default Re: The 2021 W23 Digital Speculation Thread

Originally Posted by Michael Thayne View Post
Where is the Ring of Fire guess coming from? (Unless this is an in-joke I'm not getting.)
Ring of Fire (Powered by GURPS) was announced at FnordCon 3 as probably
 for Kickstarter but also a year away. It also showed up in Phil Reed's Stakeholders' Report: "On the non-Munchkin front for 2023, there's GURPS Ring of Fire and maybe a few other GURPS books."

The title refers to a popular alternate-history series by Eric Flint (and others), starting with the novel 1632, in which a modern West Virginia mining town suddenly swaps places with an equivalent chunk of Thuringia in the eponymous year. Gustavus Adolphus shows up to visit the strange new town, among other hijinks.
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Looking for a GURPS game in Houston, Texas.
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