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Default Re: [MH] Inhuman Templates: Yōkai

Originally Posted by Sorenant View Post
Nice build!
Interesting combination of advantage and perks under Fox-Fire Wisp. I decided to fold this kind of ability into Illusion, as they are treated as such in older stories.
I wanted mine to do damage. :-)

Originally Posted by Sorenant View Post
What's the Enhanced Senses advantage?
From my campaign. It's the typical inhuman thing where the monster has crazy good senses.

Enhanced Senses [P]
30 points/level
This meta-trait is intended for supernatural creatures with supernaturally acute senses like werewolves or vampires. This gives a +3 bonus to Perception, and an additional +2 bonus for Hearing, Smell, Taste, or Vision rolls. Additionally, the character ignores -3 in darkness penalties, and can zoom in on particular sights or sounds. Though this comes at a price, attacks that used sense-based vectors last longer and the character may become lost in his senses on failed Sense rolls. Up to three levels can be taken.

Secondary Characteristic Modifiers: Perception+3 [15].
Advantages: Acute Hearing 2 [4]; Acute Sense of Taste and Smell 2 [4]; Acute Vision 2 [4]; Enhanced Tracking 1 (Multi Lock-ons, +20%) [7]; Night Vision 3 [3]; Parabolic Hearing 1 [4]. If taken additional times, each level adds two levels of Acute Senses and Night Vision and one level each of Enhanced Tracking, Parabolic Hearing, and Perception.
Disadvantages: Susceptible (Sense-Based Attacks 1.5) [-10*].
Quirks: Sensory-Flare [-1].

* Any attacks that rely on your senses to affect you (e.g., a flash-bang grenade) have 1.5 times the normal duration.
When the character fails by 5+ or critically fails a Perception or Sense-based roll, he must make a Will roll with a penalty equal to half his margin of failure. Success means nothing happens, failure results in the character being Dazed for (1d + Margin of Failure) seconds. Critical failure turns this into minutes instead.

Originally Posted by Sorenant View Post
I also don't recall Extrinsic and Intrinsic Magery, is it from the expanded RPM book or campaign specific?
Extrinsic Magery is a flavor of RPM I made for the campaign. It uses Effect Shaping as its base and mucks with Greater Effects by having them inflict FP penalties instead of multiplying energy. Intrinsic magic is essentially inborn or racial magic with the Magical modifier but also includes stuff like imbuements, chi skills, etc.
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