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Default Re: [MH] Inhuman Templates: Yōkai

Originally Posted by Christopher R. Rice View Post
Very nice. I approve of both of these. Gonna be a fun game, me thinks. :-)
Thanks! I hope I can manage to pull it off!

Originally Posted by GarenLiLorian View Post
I'd love to see your take on Kitsune: We've got an NPC Kitsune in a MH game, and have never quite been able to agree on what her Inhuman lens should look like.
Here's my attempt, please feel free to criticize it:

200 points

You are an enlightened fox with magical powers. Perhaps you're self-made, surpassing your beastly existence through long meditations under the sun and the moon, or you might be an emissary of the Gods imbued with their divine essence. Regardless of your origin, the reputation of your kind precedes you. Some of your predecessors brought the demise of entire dynasties, while others peacefully coexisted with humans and became a sign of good omens. Which of these are you? Maybe you simply hasn't decided yet.
You take the appearance of an attractive human as your native form and has shapeshifting powers allowing you to impersonate other human or take new appearances of your own creation. You can revert into the form of a fox if you so will, but this form might carry marks of your supernatural existence, such as silvery pelt with red markings or multiple tails. You are also capable of using your shapeshifting power to alter the environment around you to create convincing illusions, although this limits you to your native or fox forms.

Attribute Modifiers: IQ+2 [40]; HT+1 [10].
Secondary Characteristics Modifiers: Will+1 [5]; Per+2 [10]
Advantages: Alternate Form (Fox; Reduced Time 1, +20%) [18]; Animal Empathy [5]; Appearance (Very Handsome/Beautiful) [16]; Discriminatory Smell (Emotion Sense, +50%) [23]; Illusion (Extended, Taste/Smell and Touch, +40%; Independence, +40%; Ranged, +40%; Decreased Range, x1/5, -20%) [10*]; Morph (Cosmetic, -50%; Retains Shape, -20%; Reduced Time 1, +20%) [50*]; Night Vison 3 [3]; Versatile [5]; Voice [10].
Perk: Perfume [1].
Disadvantages: Curious (12) [-5].
Quirk: Practical Joker [-1].
*Alternative Abilities.
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