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Default Re: [MH] Inhuman Templates: Yōkai

Originally Posted by Christopher R. Rice View Post
No worries. Maybe check out my Eastern Adventures article in Alternate Dungeons II Pyramid. I wrote up the Tengu there for DF.
I'm a fan of it! Since your version is based on the long-nosed ones, I decided to base mine on the avian ones (like shown in this artwork from around 1896).

Originally Posted by GarenLiLorian View Post
This is cool. Yokai are cool. Nice work. A couple things to consider:
  • Looks like you forgot to give the SM discount on ST, so you should have an extra 7 cp to spend somewhere.
  • How come Alcoholism is only a quirk, instead of the full disad (or at least Compulsive Drinking (-5))?
  • Was it a conscious choice to avoid negative Appearance for a 9 ft tall, brightly colored, horned and fanged monster? Or Supernatural (or at least Distinctive) Features?

I usually find it useful to start by building the Enemy version of the creature, and then scaling it back to create an Inhuman lens: that gives some clarity on where the creature fits in taxonomy (I guess they're Cryptids, since they're living beings that aren't Outsiders)? And upgrade paths for PCs.

I'd love to see your take on Kitsune: We've got an NPC Kitsune in a MH game, and have never quite been able to agree on what her Inhuman lens should look like.
Thanks, as for your points:
  • I'm using the Know Your Own Strength alternative rule that rescales ST using logarithmic rate and under this rule ST doesn't receive discount from SM or No Fine Manipulators.
  • Given the template's high HT (that adds to the rest of the Inhuman or sidekick template) and Resistant to Metabolic Hazard, it should resist the effects of drunkness so well I didn't think the -15 points version of Alcoholism would have been worth the points. The disadvantage also comes with yearly chance of reduction in one of the basic attributes, which I don't think would fit the imagery of an Oni. The quirk still makes the character crave for alcohol and spend too much money on it, making him vulnerable to being poisoned this way as so often happens in the myth, so I thought it would fit well.
  • Yes, I ignored negative Appearance and I have a couple reasons for this. I feel stacking Monstrous Appearance with Social Stigma (Monster) is akin to dumping a stat, and I don't like it. I also don't think Oni (and Tengu) are horrendous enough to warrant -5 reaction modifier from it alone. They look like monsters and someone with Mundane Background might get startled when encountering one for the first time but on close inspection they're not really ugly. I believe Social Stigma (Monster) is enough for this effect, so I leave negative Appearance for even uglier race (or individuals who are ugly in the eyes of another member of the race), Monstrous and Horrendous being reserved for body horror types.
I'll see into making a Kitsune template, probably replacing Yuki Onna.
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