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Default Re: [MA: TG] Preventing Movement with Telekinesis

Originally Posted by Steen View Post
Just a quick question: in Martial Arts: Technical Grappling, the usual rules of preventing a character from performing a Move maneuver are turned into a matter of weighing him down and exceeding his 10xBL. How does this work in regards to Telekinesis? The telekinetic energy does not have a weight in itself (I assume?), and I also assume that the weight of the wielder of the Telekinesis does not count either. With the rules in TG, how would a small person wielding Telekinesis stop a foe without downright pinning him?

Thank you!
Apply enough control points (I believe each level of TK is a level of ST) to lower DX and ST to the point where they can't move. This works for both TK and regular grappling.
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