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Default Re: A few Magic questions

Originally Posted by FeiLin View Post
1) How would I do minor changes to spells such as changing element (a Splashing Acidball instead of Exploding Fireball), changing range/duration. I'm guessing that it's perks that I didn't find, or are there limitations/enhancements for spells somewhere, or something else?

2) What's the thing about extending spells: if I cast for instance Shapeshift Other, is there a range the subject can escape beyond to not suffer having the spell be extended?

3) Some spells in Magic has an Item clause at the end of the entry; is that the only (RAW) way/items possible when enchanting or what do they signify? I'm guessing so, and the cost is the enchantment cost for quick and dirty, and slow and sure.
1) See Thaumatology. It's explained there though it's an option and not as tandard thing.

2) I'm not sure what you mean by "extending". If you mean "maintaining" then no. If a spell gets successfully cast (where distance is a factor usually) then it's not a factor in maintaining the spell.

3) Items described in Magic are "standard" and can be found at least as easily as any other magic-based thing can be found. Variants are certainly possible but are a GM decision. The numeric cost in the entry is indeed how much energy is required for Q&D or how mucg time for S&S.
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