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Default Re: What would Pyramid Volume 4 look like?

Originally Posted by SteamBub View Post
Maybe Vol 4 could look like the Pyramid Dungeon Collection project that is happening right now. Where SJ Games can ask would-be writers to submit an item for a particular Pyramid Collection. Each collection could look like Pyramid Technomancer Collection or Pyramid Spaceships Collection, anything really.
I always thought it was a shame that All Star Jam wasn't enough of a success to warrant more volumes but Pyramid3 was in some respects the same sort of thing.

Thinking about an individual-articles approach, I don't think you could sell enough to overcome transaction and per-publication costs - commissioning and layout get more expensive for four stand-alone publications than for a Pyramid issue as a whole.

On a cost-per-page basis, $2.81 for twentieth-century Paris or $1.30 for East Berlin is clearly an unsustainably low price. (Based on page count of articles in Pyramid 117 divided by the 37 pages of non-cover, non-advertisement content.) But how much would people pay? And how many people would specifically pay for East Berlin, rather than for a Pyramid issue with multiple locations in it? (Assuming they aren't GURPS completists like me.)
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