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Default Re: Balanced games for archers

Basically in a typical "dungeon crawl" or similar fantasy adventure the effect of archers depends a lot on the point levels.

At low point levels the archers will struggle to even hit a target due to range penalties and the slow rate of fire makes them even less effective.

At medium levels (like basic DF) archers are overwhelming killing machines a lot of the time, they have the skills to target eyes for one hit drops of targets, they can run away and still hit well and have high rate of fire.

At higher levels the archers are again limited as the targets will be more and more immune, being able to target eyes does not help a lot against targets with no eyes and more and more targets are unliving/homogenous making the impaling damage type based on thrust damage quite bad compared to melee characters that can do swing damage and tend to do cutting damage.

At the low and high things the total value of archery is about right as they are in turn away from the enemies and so targeted by fewer attacks. At the medium level archers tend to be overpowered overall.

AS to what you can do in the lower bracket if you think that the balance is not ok: there are many things in Martial arts that can help. Start by reading the "Quick-Shooting Bows" on page 119.
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