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Default Re: Can animals dodge?

Originally Posted by Steve Plambeck View Post
It would though be a big undertaking to write defensive bonuses for all the animals that can turn up in play, and then appending them to the rules along with their other attributes.

There certainly must be species for which being "harder to hit" might make more sense than an armor rating for their integument. Not that some really hard-to-hurt animals couldn't have both.
When all animals/monsters were written down and statted, we didn't have weapon and shield expertise. Now that a character can give enemies -1, -2, or -3DX to hit as well, maybe it is time to introduce it for every character and monster. Or skip it completely and admit it wasn't the best of ideas.

I am a proponent of the second solution, delete it completely. Why? It is just an unnecessary step, one more question to ask the GM, one more thing to forget and remember 1 turn later and it gives very little back.

The same thing goes for the defend option, where it could be 4, 5, or 6 dice to hit. You have to ask each time.

TFT is a fast system, the fewer questions you have to ask the better.

One marker for Defend, always 4 dice and if people are better at defending, let them attack while defending. This means that other players only need to know if they are defending or not and never any small modifiers or number of defense dice. And the defender knows his own stats and talents and will roll with different modifiers when defending and attack back. No need for questions again.

The least need for communication, back and forth during a combat turn, the better. Especially true when your players are half asleep or you play in a forum game.
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