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Default Re: The Fantasy Trip Adventure Leauge?

Well to just put an "end cap" to this thread's focus, I would like to sum up my hopes for the future of The Fantasy Trip.

I totally get each of the points Steve made in the last thread post on this topic and they are all things that should be considered if we (as fans or future gaming supplement publishers) are to get something like an adventure league off the ground and into the hands of players.

I would love to see others get involved in creating setting type content to expand the world of The Fantasy Trip.

I personally would like to publish a "Powered by TFT" or "Compatible with TFT" setting book in the tradition of GURPS and help open the avenue for others to possibly do the same thing for The Fantasy Trip.

I would not want to re publish any of the already written rules (like In The Labyrinth, Wizard, ect...) because I want to require folks to get The Fantasy Trip books and I don't want to "Pick Steve's Pocket" because I love all the new stuff we have gotten to play with and the broadened exposure the game has gotten in the RPG community.

I will make the initial "leap of faith" and submit 1 or 2 of my ideas in the near future to Steve to see what they think and cross my fingers.

I would ultimately like to do the adventure league as envisioned (with dry erase cards and all) with a world setting book possibly featuring "non official" rules variants and featuring the winners characters as important NPC's in the setting books story. If that does happen it will be a gaming nerds dream come true.

So to wrap up this blurb of random thoughts and wants, anyone interested in helping to get the project off of the ground (even as a fan only thing) please contact me at

And thank you Steve for getting this wonderful gem of yours back to the public at large.
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