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Steve Jackson
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Default Re: The Fantasy Trip Adventure Leauge?

It does sound cool. But it's not something we would proceed on, or - in this form, at least - encourage fans to do for themselves. Off the top of my head - and I don't mean to sound negative but I kind of am, even though it would be a thing of beauty if it worked . . .

- The creative effort to generate, playtest, and check that much material could do a lot of different things for TFT. Things that would help everyone, not just those near stores. (If you think you're that good a short adventure writer, send me a Quick Quest proposal . . . today . . .)

- The administrative effort would fall on PvK, and I have other things for him to be doing! And in honesty, that is not what he signed up for.

- Experience teaches that self-reported tournament systems get gamed, in the bad way. And who wants to get involved in online arguments about what really happened at a table 500 miles away? I do not.

- I won't even start in on the CODING costs, because I still think the WWW is magic, but I have learned that the wizards want to be paid.
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