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Originally Posted by warhorse11h View Post
If I might, I would like to share my version of this, a little something I worked up somewhere between 1986 and 1988.

I developed three talents to improve combat capability.

IQ 8 Weapon Familiarization (1) Selected on one specific weapon, usually the one the fighter used most. Provides a +1 DX with that weapon.

IQ 9 Weapon Specialization (1) Can be taken on any weapon the fighter has taken Familiarization with. Provides a +1 Damage with that weapon.

IQ 10 Weapon Proficiency (1) Can be taken on any weapon that the fighter has taken both Familiarization and Specialization for. Originally, I designed this to allow a second attack in a turn with that weapon. (I've now changed it to be a further +1 DX and +1 Damage.

A fighter who took all three would have a +2 DX and +2 Damage with that weapon. So, a broadsword 2D6 Damage would instead do 2D6+2.

So far, I think I'll keep these, I don't know if they should stack with Expertise or Mastery or not. I am going to give that a shot, if I can keep a fighter alive long enough to see how it works out.
I like those. Would seem OK to stack with Expertise and Mastery as long as you paid for them all.
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