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Originally Posted by platimus View Post
Yes, that 16 16 16 is how I chose 48. I did say "obtainable but difficult/time-consuming". This is how difficult I'd like that to be:

Increase / XP cost
1st / 100
2nd / 200
3rd / 300
4th / 400
5th / 600
6th / 800
7th / 1000
8th / 2000
9th / 3000
10th / 4000
11th / 5000
12th / 6000
13th / 7000
14th / 8000
15th / 9000
16th / 10000
So here's a question that haven't seen addressed among all these XP-related threads... how long should it reasonably take a player to advance to this level?

ITL provides some guidelines that characters could earn anywhere from 25 to 100 XP per game session. Doing a bit of math then (which I really dislike), a player would probably earn 3000-4000 XP playing once every week for a year... or up to around 5000 XP if the GM is really generous. So, while the first few stats can be raised over the course of a few months, it will take years to build up a 'Conan' anything. That seems like an awful long time to me, especially for a game system that was originally designed around a much faster advancement schedule.
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