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Originally Posted by hcobb View Post
Assuming a 30 year adventuring career at 50 XP and 1% mortality per month.
Year 1: 600 XPs gives 35th Att 200 XP change, 89% survival.
Year 2: Another 600 XPs gives 37th Att, 79% survival.
Year 3: Another 600 XPs gives one skill slot 100XP change, 70% survival.
Year 4: Another 600 XPs gives one skill slot 200XP change, 62% survival.
Year 5: Another 600 XPs gives one skill slot 300XP change, 55% survival.
Year 6: Another 600 XPs gives one skill slot 400XP change, 48% survival.
Year 7: Another 600 XPs saved up for 1000XP change, 43% survival.
Year 8: Another 600 XPs gives 38th Att, 38% survival.
Years 9 to 14 gain 6 skill slots, 18% survival.
Years 15 and 16 gain two more skill slots and 200XP change, 15% survival.
Years 17 to 21 gives 39th Att, 8% survival. (Character is at starting IQ plus 12 skill slots.)
At 600 XP per year, if every talent/spell point can only be earned during play with 500 XP, then every point you can stand to put into IQ as a starting character will put you almost one year ahead of this curve (at least, in years where you would otherwise buy talents with XP). e.g. You could be 38 points in year 4 rather than year 8 if you already got your talents/spells for free during character creation.

The years also may be divided down by groups that meet more often and/or get given more XP per meeting.
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