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Default Re: Balanced games for archers

Depends on the kind of game you want to run :)

If your running something a little more cinematic, opening up advantages like heroic archer, strong bow and Weapon Master (Bow) can certainly bring that back in like.

If your going for the gritty realisim, then the problem is largely irreducible because archers and infantry are really discrete and different units with different application. I find the Cinematic DF type to be the more entertaining case so lets look at that one a bit.

'Mirror Matches' where the NPCs line up with the PCS in strength and number are neat but probably better as a change up than a general solution. Better still to look at whats going on there and understand a few things.

Range is great, but combat need not be a binary value of melee or bow, there are lots of muscle powered range weapons in the middle that can fill htat range gap. Axes (WHICH I LOVE), spears, daggers etc can all be used so its not just sniper v sniper with a seperate melee goin on in the middle but a more interesting set of enemies that Melee COULD close on OR missle COULD with, but which ones, and how many and who does it makes for a more interesting tactical set of decisions.

Since you cant reallly talk about range with out at least discussing the rate at which range changes, you have to look at Basic Move as well. High Basic Moves can escape Melee fairly quickly and will likely HAVE to be cut down by ranged weapons. More over, those enemies that can run fast can close the gaps on bowmen quicker and become an immediate issue.

As to the damage, well it depends on your archers skill, ST, and the DR of the opponents. Letting the archers up the ST via strongbow is good for DR and high skill will let you target weaker locations even at increased range. Remember those speedy foes we mentioned above are NORMALLY not encumbered by heavy DR (aka Agile but Fragile).

Target Value is also important, so try to vary your enemies. Is it better for the archer to take the shot at the Mage who is on the 2nd turn of growing a fireball or is that arrow, in that second of action, better spent on the knee of an ogre whos getting the best of your ally? Again these are the sorts of tactical fun that bring out the 'game' side of RPGing and are alot of fun to play :)

Finally, how many opponents are there? We know that melee can be quickly overcome by a high number of even comparatively weak foes. For archers, withering an inbound horde so that by the time the battle is joined there is a manageable number left, AND at what point should the archers draw steel and join the fray is an interesting question.

It would help to describe the situation if we knew the Bow Skill and DMG to help prescirbe some suitable opponents also :)


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