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Default Re: The shurkin challenge.

I revise my entry:

Shuriken 2042 -- Streamlined Luxury, Light chassis, Light suspension, 300 cid engine w/Multibarrel Carb and VP Turbocharger and 1 tank of Nitrous Oxide, 10-gal Racing Tank, 4 Puncture-Resistant Radial tires, Driver w/BA and 10-pt CA, Machine Gun Front w/10-pt CA, Smokescreen Back w/10-pt CA, Roll Cage, Spoiler, Airdam, Sloped Plastic Armor: F20, L15, R15, B17, T10, U10, 2 5-pt Wheelguards Back, 2 5-pt Wheelhubs Front, Acceleration 15, Top Speed 125, HC 2 (3 @60mph), 4950 lbs., $19984

Can you add streamlining post-production? UACFH says streamlining doesn't effect chassis and suspension modifications...

Note the roll cage if it crashes due to poor handling.

I'd say it's definitely worth 2 stock Shuriken, it even uses the same MG ;)
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