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Originally Posted by Varyon View Post
I'd be inclined to say thrusts and thr-based throwing weapons are less penalized (worse of -2 and Bulk*, no cap), while swings and sw-based throwing weapons suffer the full penalty (which should be the worse of -4 and Bulk*, cap of 9).
Maybe instead of a "worse of" we can just do a fixed penalty in addition to bulk?

I could also see working Reach into it somehow... I think it's probably easier (while running) to stab someone 1 yard away with a Reach 1 spear than to stab someone 4 yards away with a Reach 4 spear for example.

The deviations on the point of your weapon which happen from the increased body movement are basically going to be amplified, slipping an inch off target for a reach 1 weapon is probably slipping 4 inches off target for a reach 4 weapon.

Do we say guns use the same policy as thrust weapons since they are direct line of fire rather than spinning?

When it comes to arrows, even though they used thrust it's the thrust of the weapon rather than directly applied thrust so I could see it work more like a gun, if we gave guns lesser penalties than thrust weapons.
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