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Default Re: GMing an FGO-Inspired Game?

Originally Posted by fengmd View Post
What I was thinking is that instead of making it some ominous force that's trying to destroy humanity, what if it's some-one, trying to seek revenge for the loss of someone they cared about? Their power, for some reason, is only limited, at the moment, to only the Crimean peninsula.

The party will need to figure out all this, and also, what if someone in the party was, at some point, and in some way, responsible for the loss of this person this enemy is seeking revenge for?

Hmmm... thoughts....

Civilization in the Crimea is really old... it had Greek colonies on it when Rome was just one Italian City on it among many. You could feature ancient ruins from back then, or maybe a sunken ship: it was a big shipping hub. You can pull from ancient Mediterranean culture, or from old Slavic lore, or both.

As for what's making the "Hole in reality", or however you want to spin it, I have a few different ideas you could use.

  • An building, structure, or other device for keeping evil sealed in a can was inadvertently destroyed as a result of the war, and now the evil is trying to get out.
  • Some individual with supernatural talent and skin in winning the war is performing a ritual or rituals to cause chaos in an attempt to win the war. They may be a member of the warring parties, a civilian caught in the crossfire, or a time-traveling meddler who want the war to go a certain way for some reason.
  • Someone is hunting supernatural secrets on the Crimea, and is using the war as cover to steal, break down, and have the occasional mishap go unnoticed (or at least less noticed). They may also be pushing things along intentionally...
I've got this weird image of ghost ships raised up from the sea bed as fun element you could add into the game.

Originally Posted by Hide View Post
This I would ask the GM:

Will the campaign become a detective story? Why would we invest 700 CP in combat skills if we are not going to play with them?
I don't think the intent is to turn it into a detective game: its to wrap a narrative around the action. Combat is cool, but its more cool when it matters.

It could be, if you tie this to the events your party has played in your campaign. I think it's better than having you suddenly intervening their character's backstory (as in a retcon).

That depends on your players. You've got 2,000 year old characters there. Some players might want you to ask permission before inserting characters into their backstory. Others will enjoy it. Still others may want some control, but would enjoy short flashbacks or questions about the relationship with the introduced character.
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