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Default Re: GMing an FGO-Inspired Game?

Originally Posted by fengmd View Post
(...) If they could play as Masters and still keep their current Servant characters as Allies, that may work? It would take a little tweaking, and Allies aren't really supposed to work like that are they?
I would tweak this and consider the masters as dependents.

Originally Posted by fengmd View Post
(...) I think continuing the game as it is, with the 700CP characters is doable, because they're still servants with little utility outside of combat situations.
How do they earn CP? Wouldn’t they be able to buy the skills and become competent at using them relatively fast? For example, if someone has very high IQ, then a single point at several "detective skills" would be enough to turn the tables.

You could allow your players to play as the masters, and have them solve the stuff the servants are not supposedly good at. The masters should have a 150 CP budget plus disadvantages; I would put the servants apart from this budget, because they do not correspond to the 100 CP base to estimate their cost.

This I would ask the GM:

Will the campaign become a detective story? Why would we invest 700 CP in combat skills if we are not going to play with them?

Originally Posted by fengmd View Post
What if someone in the party was, at some point, and in some way, responsible for the loss of this person this enemy is seeking revenge for?
It could be, if you tie this to the events your party has played in your campaign. I think it's better than having you suddenly intervening their character's backstory (as in a retcon).
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