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Default Re: Favorite Gnomco Products

Originally Posted by martinl View Post
Let's not forget the patented Gnomco Sword-Sight! Sure it adds a little weight and makes the sword a bit unwieldy, but the ranged combat benefits are surely worth it!
Surely if you're putting sights on weapons you will want to look into Gnomco's full line of TakyGlueSling Accessories!

The Hard Sights[1], the Underline Mini-Lantern Hook [2], the Wrist-mounted InFrau-VisionScope [3], the Ever-DeepPouch Ammo System [4], and the OrchalkumChain Loop Lanyard [5] are all among the best of Gnomco's many sling and sling-like accessories!

Of, if you're going this deep into the realm of TakyGlue ™ sling upgrades, how can you pass up the (Patent Pending) Gnomco Totally Mineral Alkahest ™ line of Chain Slings! Made in three bold styles: Elfy-Mithroll[6], Dwarvite-Orchalkum[7], and Gnomish-Alkalium[8]!

1 - Not to be confused with Gnomco's Soft Sights™ for bows, the Hard Sights™ are mounted on the pouch and loop and offer a Truly Unique method of sighting the enemy. As a bonus the sling also doubles as a light flail!

2 - Cast light onto the battlefield and occasionally burning oil onto your enemies*!

3 - This item is sold 'as is', though Gnomco is working around the clock to resolve the our issue user has reported. However, Gnomco's division of philosophers believes that the device has been cursed by the Gods and thus the Germanic ladies will always appear in sight despite Gnomco's best efforts to reduce this occurrence.

4 - One of Gnomco's most requested sling accessory, the Ever-Deep™ Pouch Ammo System ensures that the slinger is never without bullet again!

5 - Made of purest Orchalkum™ this lanyard is guaranteed to never break!

6 - Made from the lightest of metals known to Gnomekind this sling chain is hardier than leather and lighter than iron! As a bonus small links can be broken off and fed to your Barbarian to keep them in a stable calm mood!

7 - Used exclusively by the famous Dwarven Clan Slingers, the Dwarfite-Orchlakum™ is the heaviest metal our alchemists could dream up! Virtually unbreakable**!

8 - A favorite among Assassins, the Gnomish-Alkalium™ Sling can be excitingly disposed of in any body of water.

* Gnomco not liable for any burns the user suffers as a result or proper or improper usage.

† Garauntee void unless used only in sterile, safe environments.

‡ Gnomco is not liable in any way should you fail to keep the Elfy-Mithroll Sling well-oiled.

** Gnomco does not guarantee unbreakability outside of virtual environments.

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