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Default Re: Favorite Gnomco Products

Gnomco's Barrel of Gnomes © ® ™ (Patent Pending) is perfect for the party that is down a Thief or just can't find it in them to trust one.

Just deploy the barrel* into the Trapped Tomb or Deceptive Dungeon and wait for the Gnomes to return†. Guaranteed‡ to remove all traps they find or your money back!

* Gnomco is not liable for any problems or loot disappearances related to Barrel of Gnomes should the barrel be shaken, rolled, dropped, jostled, placed at an improper angle, handled roughly, carried on it's side, carried upright, carried upside down, unmarried, left unattended for more than 12.5 turns, or kept undeployed for more than 3 hours after purchase.

† Time estimate equal to thrice the distance to the deployment from nearest town plus one day.

‡ Guarantee void upon deployment of barrel.
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