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Last IQ 13 spell (my post was too long to fit all spells in one post)

Telemetry (T): The subject of the spell can touch an object and garner information. The possible types of information would be things like who last handled the object, the past uses of the object, the past owners of the object, or any other information that the GM finds it credible to have been garnered by someone touching the object. The wizard rolls the to-cast roll and pays the strength (Costs 3 ST if the roll is made), then, if the spell works, the GM will roll 3 Dice versus the casting wizardís IQ. If the GM gets a total above the wizardís IQ then he gives some minimal information (the spell WORKED, so the GM should give some bit of truthful information, but not necessarily all that useful). If the roll is below the wizardís IQ, the amount of information the GM gives should be better (more useful, more detailed, etc.). The lower the roll, the better the GMís information should be. On a really excellent roll, the GM should feel free to give details as if the subject can visualize the people who have handled the object and perhaps even feel the emotions and know the thoughts of people who handled the object. Of course, this is assuming the object was ever handled by anyone who would be of any interest to the subject of the spell. The roll could be a critical success, and the GM should then give a very detailed account of all the person touching the object can see, hear, feel, and know, but it could all be completely extraneous information as far as the current adventure goes.
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