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I have all of those, and they are quite compatible with 3e.
I joined GURPS at the dawn of 3e, around 1990 or so, but had been into Car Wars since Ď86. I bought Car Warriors and the Road Atlas and Survival Guides before I got the Basic Set book.

A few pages, like the weapon tables, have pencil marks in them where I wrote in the stats that were different. Thatís really the only change I made for Humanx too, I love Alan Dean Fosterís books and the GURPS treatment of it is great.

On characters, the exact point values and some traits will be off if youíre trying to match modern values, but for NPCs itís an easy adjustment and theyíre GM-able as-is. Making PCs out of the Car Warrior listings would be easy, using the stats as a starting point to make them in GCA.

The stories and backgrounds are all good to go. I recommend any of them if the subject material interests you at all.
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