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Default Re: "Inflicting" Serendipity

Originally Posted by JanMikal View Post
That's true, but Traveller's Blessing involves Divine Favor and all that - I don't want any of that. The person being blessed doesn't have to BELIEVE in it, or owe the 'blesser' any worship - it just works. We're talking about fae/faerie, not gods.
Your taking this far too literally. I offered an example of a build that does the heart of what I thought your asking for which is a blessing that lasts till its used.
Here is a proposed build.
This blessing lasts until an important coincidence happens and it grants up to 3 events of finding minor items on your person or lying around.
Statistics: Affliction "Cats Blessing" (PM, Fae, -10%) [36]

"Cats Blessing" (Serendipity 1 + Gizmo 3) [30]
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