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Default Re: [Basic] Advantage of the Week: Legal Enforcement Powers

I like to use the permit perk, which is a form of legal enforcement powers, when building races which have formidable natural weapons and abilities that they get to take with them into "civilian" locations. I most often do this with aliens that have natural armor, but I've also applied it to Strength in settings where power armor and exoskeletons are common, and required it on some mages. I've also required mages to have have more expensive forms to represent that they get to me a walking, talking weapon.

Most of the time, its part of making powers and natural weaponry a lot cheaper: I require an accessory perk, the permit perk / legal enforcement powers, and occasionally payload, and you get to have powers equal to tech for 5 to 10 points.

When only using LEP as permission to always be armed, I offer the "De-facto" -40% limitation to represent that you don't really have a permit to be a wookie, people just can't really object to you being "armed".

I've run some games where all of the PC's had legal enforcement powers. A few Infinite worlds one shots, and Lawmen of Borlo, which was (mostly) a police procedural. It never really mattered. Or rather, it mattered all the time in Borlo, but we never worried about the advantage because it was so naturally a part of who the PC's were, and the campaign's primary activity.
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