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Default Re: [Basic] Advantage of the Week: Legal Enforcement Powers

I ran those campaigns John mentions, where it was essentially a campaign premise that the PCs were working for The Organisation. (Well, in one of them it became a premise, though they all did it at once.) But I'm not sure the psionics group had LEPs as such they could get out of jail free by making a phone call to their bosses, but they didn't have any kind of formal constabulary status that would appear on public records.

In the UK of course while we technically have something like local and national police forces it's all rather different from the US assumptions baked into this advantage definition. On the one hand our "non-territorial" forces are extremely specialised (British Transport Police, Civil Nuclear Constabulary, Ministry of Defence Police) the CNC for example can go anywhere if civil nuclear materials are involved, but not otherwise. On the other hand our "local" forces, of which I believe there are currently 38, collaborate very extensively, mutualising powers of arrest, lending each other specialised investigators when a smaller force has an obscure sort of crime to deal with, and constantly creating and dissolving inter-force teams for crimes that seem to span jurisdictional boundaries. If a London copper arrests someone in Manchester or Aberdeen it's a minor matter of paperwork, not legal uncertainty. So is that "national jurisdiction"? Mostly yes, but most police officers would say no.

(And then there are some highly specialised hyper-local forces like the Mersey Tunnels Police, which are probably the closest we get to US small-town police departments with all the usual problems.)

(British people will note that I am politely not mentioning the City of London Police.)

I'm trying to think of campaigns I might run where the cost of this advantage would matter, i.e. where some PCs had more of it than others. Perhaps something like CSI where you have some police and some non-arresting investigators (at least when the writers remember the difference). Or perhaps "unofficial" monster hunting (up to and including Delta Green), where the hunters have to (ab)use the powers granted to them in their mundane lives to learn more about the esoteric enemy.
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