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Default Re: The 2020 Digital W23 Speculation and Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by beetle496 View Post
I would like to ask that the Amazon POD versions be released soon after the PDF versions.

This came up for me recently, as I possibly interested in the 4e SteamPunk stuff, but I so very much prefer print over soft copy. I am waiting to see the POD 4e pricing before deciding what format to buy.
That kind of suggestion/request is better off asked elsewhere. This forum or the GURPS forum but this thread is not run by SJG but fans who are speculating on what upcoming products are coming out. My advice? Ask again in the thread you asked for after Jan 6th, the company is on holiday vacation (they shut down to skeleton crew for two week break) but I think you git the answers already. There is a lot of work tweaking the PDF to meet Amazons requirements and they wont know if its worth that time and money until they have tracked sales for awhile. So holding off buying the PDF actually makes it less likely since it has lower sales. One customer wont be a big tell, but if several have the same idea it could.

One example is the book How to Be a GURPS GM originally a PDF only release it was apparently popular enough that they decided to make it a print run and added it to a kickstarter as an add on.
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