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Default Re: How do I create a healer?

@Varyon just a note to thank you for the alternative method you put forth - I am indeed looking for a more tactical approach this time around ;)

In the end, I have gone with the Sorcery + Alternative abilities this time around - not because I think it is better, but mostly because it matches one of the rulesets the GM wants to use, and because it seems to leave the door open for more powers in the future.

So now I have:

> Sorcery 3 (27 points)
> Healing (6 points)
Affects Self (+50%),
Reduced Fatigue Cost 1 (+20%),
Reliable 4 (+20%),
Injuries only -20%,
Cannot Restore Crippled Limbs -10%,
Takes Extra Time 1, takes 2 seconds, (-10%),
Contact Agent (-30%)
FP Cap, 4 FP (-20%),
Magic (-10%)"

What do you think? I haven't yet actually tried to use it, but I will keep you guys updated on how it goes ;)

Thank you for all the input!
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