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Default Re: How do I create a healer?

Wow, I didn't remember how alive and active the SJ GURPS forum is - thanks a lot for all the feedback guys!

Like 'Not another shrubbery', I am leaning into a mix of things - I like a lot the idea of using Sorcery, since it is an integral part of the game, but also because it leaves the door open for me to add other 'spells'/'abilities'/'powers' in the future, at a reduced cost. Right?

I am aware it has its limitations (even if I am not too familiar with them, again), but seems like it could be the way to, as the game progresses, pile on some interesting 'divine-inspired' powers on my archer, along with the healing capabilities.

By the way, in my game Sorcery costs 9 points/level, and I cannot have above level 3 in it for now. Also as far as Alternative Abilities go, Sorcery counts as the 'main' power. I guess Healing would be the second.

So it seems I could probably have Sorc3 (27 points) + a heavily modified Healing, for example along the lines of:

Affects Self (+50%)
Reduced Fatigue Cost 1 (+20%)
Reliable 4 (+20%)
Injuries only -20%
Cannot Restore Crippled Limbs -10%
Takes Extra Time 1, takes 2 seconds, (-10%)
Contact Agent (-30%)
FP Cap, 4 FP (-20%)
Magic (-10%)

The rules (maybe a house rule), states my first Alternative Ability cannot cost more than the 'base/higher' one, and this modified Healing costs 27 points, so it could be done (27/5 would end in a net cost of 6 I believe). This means I could have Sorcery 3 + a decent Heal for a total of 33 points?

Does it look decent?
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