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Default Re: How do I create a healer?

Healing Power {Healing (Magical, -10%; Contact Agent, -30%; FP Cap, 4 FP -20%; Takes Extra Time 1, takes 2 seconds, -10%; Reliable +4, +20%) + Slow Regeneration (Magical, -10%)} [24]

Taking the ideas that I like from Gumby and john, with an eye toward getting good utility at a below market cost 🙂 And speaking of ideas, Is "Cannot Restore Crippled Limbs -10%" a canonical limitation? I don't remember it, and I'd probably have just pegged it as a Nuisance limiter. If that is an official value, it's definitely worth replacing TET with that (or even having both). Having one chance to restore a crippled limb on an 8- (w/ Reliable) is a good reason to take a remove function limitation. Contact Agent gives you some trouble if the subject is wearing armor, but it looks good on a beginning healer, and the discount is good. FP Cap is a good idea, but setting it at two FP keeps you from healing serious wounds (and slightly more annoying illnesses, as I'm leaving in Cure Disease. Injuries Only is another good mod to include if that won't be much of a consideration for you), so I dropped the limit one notch. As john said, Reliable +4 gives you a good base chance, and seems to fit the concept better than +10. Slow Regen with Magical saves you 6 points over the cost of self-Healing, and I like the utility/cost ratio. A lot of people aren't as thrilled with it, so if you don't mind sucking up that extra cost, go ahead and replace it with Affects Self +50%.

The main thing you want, keeping in mind the cost AND the concept, is to get as many limitations as you can to bring the final cost down to what you're willing to pay. A lot of them will probably be ones that you'll want to buy off over time anyway.
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