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Default Re: Munchkin on Switch?

Hi I purchased a new Nintendo Switch about a month and a half ago, and noticed that Munchkin was to come out this year. Never having the pleasure of playing the game myself due to lack of players in my area, I was hoping to jump in to games online with other Munchkin players. I also noticed that there hasnít been any information or activity on the subject since this thread was started back in September of last year. Is there any information you can give us at this point.
Some of the questions I have are:
1. What is the current status of the game?

2. At this point is either a 2nd quarter or 3rd quarter release planned? Or is a 4th quarter release more realistic.

3. How will it differ from tabletop as far as gameplay is concerned?

4. Will I be able to play the game solo as well as online?

5. Will expansions and variations be an option like in the tabletop versions?
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