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Default Re: [Banestorm] Fleshing-out the Armsmen's Guild

A Vow or Code of Honor is, I think, inappropriate. Code of Honor (Lawyer) exists, but obviously not every lawyer has it. (But technically they do have a Duty in the U.S.) So is Sense of Duty- that's an internal thing.

I'd say that by far Duty seems like the best fit, and the description of Duty says that it is often linked to Rank, Patron, or some other privilege. And one thing that makes something a Patron is if it provides jobs, which the guild does.

The problem is that the kind of duty that Duty means really doesn't apply unless the armsman has taken a job. Can some sort of limitation be placed on it? It's probably Hazardous already (not the Extremely Hazardous that applies to special operators). Guilds are supposed to protect the interests of it's member, but is probably nonetheless limited by Minimal Intervention in this case. The Guild might very well guarantee bonds for especially large contracts, and I would imagine it might pay members' ransoms if they behaved honorably on a bonded contract but were captured. (Of course, it might then expect you to take on a "special" contract for it afterwards...)

Or, maybe make the Duty to the Armsmans Guild itself, rather than to the client per se. After all, a Duty involves some sort of sociolegal requirement to act or one faces penalties, and presumably the Armsmans Guild is able to enact punishment or other penalties if it's rules are broken, and it is rather ubiquitous in the setting. Or maybe one aspect of the Duty is that it transfers to the client when a job is taken. Certainly a Guild member who unjustifiably betrayed his employer would suffer sanction from the guild?

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