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Default Re: Hobbits: Hungry Quirk, or Human-Sized Appetite?

Originally Posted by Bruno View Post
In Fellowship, the hobbits are in fact shows foraging, getting excited over tasty edible mushrooms in the movie. I don't remember if that's also in the books, but they're clearly keeping an eye out - and experienced. Wild mushrooms aren't things you just casually pick because you were hungry - or at least, if you do that, you won't live long enough to be hungry.
In the book, it was revealed that Frodo was renowned in his youth as having stolen mushrooms repeatedly from Farmer Maggot's farm, so much so that Maggot (jokingly? never made clear) threatened to toss him to his dogs the next time he got caught. The movie took major liberties with the scene and the bit about the mushrooms. It's heavily implied in the book that Maggot grows edible mushrooms on his farm. Nothing in the book about stealing cabbages, carrots, or potatoes.

In the book, Merry and Fatty went ahead to get the house in Buckland ready, while Frodo, Sam, and Pippin spent a few days traveling cross-country (with food at hand). They spent a few months planning this, too, so they had time to prepare for the hike. The trio encountered an Elven encampment passing to the sea on the way, who also provided food that night. The third night, they had dinner at Maggot's farmhouse, and Mrs. Maggot provided a basket of baked mushrooms for later; which all five dug into once they got to the house.

The movie turned Merry and Pippin into the thieves instead of Frodo, and in the book the hobbits didn't get seen by the Nazgul until Weathertop. Also, it wasn't Arwen who met them after Frodo was stabbed, but Glorfindel, an ancient Elf Lord (older than Elrond, IIRC). Arwen herself was just a name-drop in Rivendell and not actually given an actual role until the end of Return of the King; I suspect Tolkien intended giving Glorfindel a much greater role overall in the LotR saga, but couldn't work him in later on.
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