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Originally Posted by Fred Brackin View Post
Sir, I understand what you are saying but I am quite sure that you are wrong. It is my position that social networking and trading of favors is part or personal interaction and not dragooned into financial transactions.

However, I do realize that I will never convince you of my position. Please understand that you will not convince me of yours. I suggest we drop this sub-thread. It is not productive at all.
It's not an opinion, it's the way GURPS Income is defined and it's thus pointless to discuss GURPS rules for jobs without acknowledging that. See GURPS Fantasy p. 137-140. It's stated that Income can be non-monetary. Examples include the assistance of a wife, the use of land and a food dole.

Jobs, Income and Cost of Living rules are not confined to financial transactions. They apply to anything that has a value, regardless of whether that value is explicit or not.
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