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Default Pyramid Volume Two Index

Thanks to the miracles of Python scripting, I'm pleased to present an index of the articles in Pyramid Vol. 2. The index is not strictly in chronological order: instead, it's in the order of the article IDs on the pyramid website, which range from 1 to 7072. The articles which are available for free in full are noted.

Please sticky, as this should prove useful for anyone looking for more GURPS support.

EDIT: Apparently posts can only be 10000 characters long? Lame. And no attachment system? Also lame. I've uploaded it here for the moment without any frivolities like, you know, formatting. Anyone who wants to make it prettier is more than welcome to grab my html and do so.

EDIT2: And here is a list of just the free articles--of which there are nearly 850. Now we're down to only 50000 characters in the list, but that's still far too big for a post here...

EDIT3: Finally, here's the list of free articles in the form of a Google spreadsheet, sortable by title, author, and game system. (Thanks to Vaevictis Asmadi for assembling this).

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