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Default Re: GURPS Monster Hunters: what will you do with it?

Originally Posted by vitruvian View Post
Huh. Wouldn't Kolchak be long dead by your time frame, unless he got turned by the second vampire he encountered or something?
If you are referring to my GURPS Monster Hunter 2060 campaign and yes, the original Kolchak would be dead. However, his grandson is still alive running a net site where he writes about monsters. Also there is an A-Team Securities and Investigations which is based in California as a very small local company founded and run by decendants of the origianl A-Team. Please note, I am taking liberties with the original source material. My assumption is the original would conform to MY vision of how it would have been if I'd had control of the series/movies/books in question.

If you're talking about Seven Monster Hunters, Kolchak need not apply. He's a Contact or minor Ally. The Seven all need to be champion level characters.
Given that the campaign would be set in 2011, I'd think Kolchak could still be alive though probably retired.
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