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Default Re: Why the Bard Talent?

Originally Posted by Shostak View Post
If one looks at the talent entry for Thief, it says that it is not a talent at all, but a profession. So why isn't Bard the same? After all, just like how the abilities that let one function as a thief are described by other talents, the same could be said of bards.
It's a fair cop and it does seem to make more sense the way you break it down. After all, a traditional bard combines a musician with a storyteller with a social commentator, plus a number of other things often thrown in on top. If it's a talent then probably Thief, Druid, Assassin, and a number of other common fantasy classes could be argued to have dedicated talents as well, each of which is a syncresis of existing talents.

Probably it was done to simplify creating a bard character, rather than stipulating a set of prerequisites for the career, since most other careers are single mundane talents. And taking the Bard talent doesn't convey nearly as many related talents as something like Thief or Druid might, so it doesn't break the system the way it is now. But I do agree it's something of an odd case.
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