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Default Spot, Celestial Familiar of Judgement

I'm taking part in the #CharacterCreationChallenge, and today I created an In Nomine character and thought I'd share.

Who's a Good Dog?* Spot, that's who!

Spot is Reliever, a celestial spirit that has not yet fledged into its final angelic form.* Until it does, Spot serves as a familiar to Maveriel.* Spot provides the muscle of the two, engaging in any combat necessary when Maveriel's social skills fail them.

With the body of an attack dog, Spot is able to avoid most opponents' notice until he manages to get their attention.* Once that happens, things generally go seriously sideways for all involved.

I have a blog; come see what I've created:
-The 2022 Character Creation Challenge (#charactercreationchallenge):
-The 2021 Character Creation Challenge: (#charactercreationchallenge)
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