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Default Re: About Draining disadvantage for fatigue

One possible source of inspiration for "stuff happens when FP is reduced to fraction" would be B109 symptoms. With 2/3 threshold x1, x2 for 1/2 threshold, x3 for 1/3 threshold.

This is priced for Innate Attacks which target someone though, so we'd need to tweak it to instead design some kind of trait which inflicts Symptoms on a person when they fall below those thresholds by ANY means.

Symptoms also normally does not include the Incapacitation category, only Side Effect allows that.

There is "Attribute Penalty" and it occurs to me that reducing IQ to 0 probably causes unconsciousness? You need IQ 1 to be sentient, after all.

Qchap I'm not sure which form of temporary disadvantage you wanted to happen at "half of will score", but I think I see an easy way to do that aspect.

Assuming half of your will score is 5, you could buy 5 points of ER a "switchable" with a temporary disadvantage. Then you could simply not suffer the disadvantage until those ER points are tapped. The non-limited ER would be used first.

Even if your mobility is ER-powered and you ran out of normal ER, you should still be able to take a Ready maneuver to switch on your TD-ER, then continue moving afterward. You'd need 'reduced time' to make doing that a free action, which will offset some of the value you could gain from temporary disadvantages.

On the plus side, I would assume that switched-off ER can't be stolen, so that's nice.

Originally Posted by Christopher R. Rice View Post
In GURPS Proper substituting FP for an ER is generally a -0% trait. So "ER Only" would be worth -50% on Draining
It's an extra -5% limitation if a fatigue-costing ability can ONLY draw on ER, but that's for voluntary stuff that you want to use, so you're inconvenienced if you can't also pay FP for it.

A major problem I see with allowing "ER Only" on disadvantages like Dependency/Draining/Vulnerability/Weakness is that there isn't really any kind of problem that occurs at low ER like there is at low FP.

Especially since you can go into negative FP (and start losing HP at that point) which is not a risk with low ER.

So I'd say "drains ER instead of FP" as a Mitigator for a Disadvantage (as opposed to a limitation for an Advantage) should actually be worth far fewer points in most situations.

Only if one is able to limit ER in similar ways to FP (as this thread intends for: penalties at a fraction, unconsciousness at 0) should it be given a similar value.
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