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Default Re: About Draining disadvantage for fatigue

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What is T212?
Page 212 of GURPS Thaumatology

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Not like FP. There should be different effects, and on different value (not necessary on 1/3). And otherwise it will differ from FP very much (special recharge only, for example)
I'll put a pin in the consciousness issue, but for mobility you might take...

Sessile [-40]
Not Sessile (Costs Fatigue -5%, Can't Draw on FP -5%) [36]

So for -4 points, you would need to pay 1 ER per minute that you didn't want to be rooted to the spot.

"Portable" is -30 (you're not rooted, you can't move but others can move you) and might be a closer fit... That would be [-30] and [27] for a net of -3 points.

One key aspect here though I think is Portable/Sessile doesn't just prevent YOU from moving around, it would also (as a physical disadvantage) limit the mobility of anyone possessing your body. Unconsciousness would not do that, AFAIK.

So we probably do need a separate disadvantage for unconsciouness for designing temporary disadvantage.

I think I can do this... via Power-Ups 8 pg 11.

"Aftermath" (left column) is something that takes effect after you stop using an ability. It's designed around Temporary Disadvantage, but can half-value variant other limitations.

"Backlash" (right column) let's you choose Incapacitation from B36 Affliction modifiers. You use full value if succumbing is automatic.

So if you Aftermath-halve the -200% for Unconsciouness, you get a -100% limitation for Aftermath: Backlash: Unconsciousness.

Aftermath normally requires an ability which will eventually end. This is where we enter house rule territory. Instead of an ability that ends, we need some way of representing "an ER that reaches 0" as an ended-ability.

We do know that if you cripple 1 ability in a power that ALL abilities in a power shut down, so rather than "unconscious at 0 ER" you might have this guy use Extra Effort to make his ER bigger (gain extra ER to keep operating beyond 0 basically) but if he fails an EE roll then his ER shuts down, triggering the unconsciousness.
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