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Default Low-Tech Templates and Loadouts (Historical/Fantasy)

I've created this thread in order to share Low-Tech Templates and Loadouts from our campaigns, for suggestions, confrontation and mutual inspiration.

They can be of any kind: Historical, Semi-Historical, Low-Fantasy, High-Fantasy. Just specify the context in your comments. However, the campaign setting must be TL0 to TL4.

You can post the skill template, the armour/weapons/items loadout or all of them. The level of detail is at your will. If you use House Rules in your templates and loadouts, please highlight them at the end of the post.

Status is the expected Status of the character.
Primary Skills are those being at least STAT+2, but they may be STAT+3 o higher depending on the level of experience. Underlined skills are those being at the highest value. Skills in Italic* and marked by an asterisk are either default of primary skills or circumstancial skills which ma be present in some individual variations of the template.
Secondary Skills are those usually comprised between STAT+0 and STAT+1 (though STAT+2 is possible in case of veteran troops) and considered complementary to the Primary Skills.
Background Skills are those being not higher than STAT+0.
Advantages, Techniques and Perks are those being typical or expected for the role. Those in Italic* are those likely or circumstancial.

May contain Weapons, Armour, Items or all of them. House Rules, if present, should be reported at the end of the Loadout.

Armour: includes Clothing. Relevant stats are:
- Type: what type of armour is according to GURPS rules.
- Locations: what parts of the body are covered, including the percentage on [%].
- DR.
- HP.
- Holdout: the difficult to conceal the armour, including the additional -1 penalty for head, neck, hands and feet.
- Don: the time required to don the piece of armour. Don is at least 3 seconds for single pieces and it is at least 6 seconds for pairs (ex. a pair of greaves, vambraces or rerebraces). Don is 0 (-) for components included in other pieces of armour (ex. the helmet's padding or aventail).
- Weight.
- Cost.
- Notes: if necessary.

Weapons: relevant stats are:
- Type: what type of weapon is according to GURPS rules.
- DB: Defensibe Bonus. Shields only.
- Lenght: the weapon's lenght according to GURPS Martial Arts (A Matter of Inches, p. 110)
- DR.
- HP.
- CDR: Cover DR. Shields only.
- Don: Don is 1 for Bucklers, Shields with DB 1 and weapons brought in hand. Don 2 is for Shields with DB 2. Don 3 is for Shields with DB 3 and weapons kept in a sheath (this includes the donning of the sheath itself).
- Weight.
- Cost.
- Notes: if necessary.
If you want you can omit some of these stats (ex. lenght and don) and/or add the relevant skill under each weapon.

Items (equipment and tools) relevant stats are:
- Type.
- Utility.
- DR.
- HP.
- Don.
- Weight.
- Cost.
- Notes.
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