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Urania (Muse of Astronomy) is a world where almost all super-powers come from a moral-cosmological source, either nefarious demons and eldritch pacts or judicious angels and sainted holy men. The starkness of the moral conflict within the world has warped both politics and sense of retribution. More than one hero from Gaia has found herself on the run when they landed in Ourania because they were assumed to be working for one side or the other of the Great Crusade. It's also not uncommon for a demonic servitor to break through to Gaia or another world in search of resources or ways to escape their fiendish pact.

Calliope (Muse of Epic Poetry) is a world where much of the fiction of Gaia is true, including works being written at the present time and over two hundred years ago, though powers are generally muted when present. Investigations are ongoing as to if Calliope is the source of Gaia's fictional inspiration or if it is Gaia's art exerting a cosmic effect on Calliope.

Thalia (Muse of Comedy) is a slapstick cartoon world whose residents are extremely accustomed to routine, severe violence. Visitor be warned, if you're stuck on Thalia, you look like a slapstick cartoon character but you're as fragile ever. When Thalians leave Thalia, they take their slapstick cartoon nature and relaxed attitude toward violence with them.

Melpomene (Muse of Tragedy) is a post-apocalypse world, destroyed in a catastrophic nuclear war that has left mutants and motorcycle gangs to dominate the world. Besides humanitarian interventions and investigations into what went wrong, many people have visited Melpomene to find lost loved ones who might have survived the exchange.

Erato (Muse of Love Poetry) is a world in which soul mates are an actual phenomena. Lovers from this world have almost psychic bonds and fate conspires to unite them. Gaians who come here looking for love are usually disappointed, but it is not abnormal for Eratan heroes to try to intervene on behalf of their alternate selves to unite them with their soul mate's alternates. Sometimes this is helpful, but it is frequently a cause of great grief as the Eratans cannot conceive of this being a bad idea.

Polyhymnia (Muse of Sacred Hymns) Gaia has a few self-proclaimed divine beings, but Polyhymnia is stuffed full of them and they are incredibly meddlesome and dramatic. The modern world still practices a form of folk paganism and philosophers debate ethics without regard to metaphysics. There are gods from Gaian mythology as well as new gods of new domains.

Clio (Muse of History) is still in the late Victorian era, but otherwise seems to be a world like Calliope. Dr. Jekel and Mr. Hyde and every other famous, public domain character stalks the streets. Exploring heroes sometimes find their way here in the hopes of foiling villains like Dracula and Moriarty. So far, successes are few and far between.

I don't really have anything good for the Muse of Dance or of Flutes/Lyric Poetry
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