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Originally Posted by hcobb View Post
There are no magical items on Cidri.

Greater Magic Item Creation requires IQ 20, and DX 15 to succeed most weeks, plus ST 8 is 43 attribute points plus one spell.

That's 102900 XP. At 600 XP per year that's 171.5 years. With a 2% chance of death each month (Assuming youth potions, I guess?) that's one in 10^19 of wizards which are only 1 in 500 of the population.

The Mnoren never explored enough worlds to reach this much wizardly population.

Without the overstatement, a human wizard can make a greater magic item with IQ 20, and how about DX 10, ST 8. That's 38 points, which with the (sigh) RAW costs would be a minimum of 100 + 100 + 200 + 400 + 800 + 1600 = 3,200 XP. Not 102,900 XP. The consequence is it takes them on average twice the listed number of weeks to create a greater magic item, since they miss half the rolls (unless the wizards' guild loans them a +2 charm to bring their effective DX up to 12).

The rate of XP gain is entirely up to the GM, and is also entirely disconnected from GAME TIME and even from GAME EVENTS. Per RAW suggestion, a GM might play a "session" at lunch at school and hand out 100 XP because the other players made them laugh and were cooperative, AND that session might represent half an hour or less of game time. Or it could be the opposite extremes, or anything else.

And XP now seems intended to only be used for PCs (sigh), since the rates are based on what the players do (sigh), which leaves the RAW without any guidelines on what NPCs do to improve at what rates. And NPCs are probably going to be the ones making (or having made) most/all of the magic items that exist in the world.
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