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Default Re: 'Imperial Culture' (non-canonista)

Roger's Grenadiers:

This is a well known mercenary unit active in the Spinward Marches. It specialized in boarding actions and urban (including underground) warfare. This is an unusual specialty for mercenaries who generally do not like such high-casualty tickets, but it is in high demand for most states are unwilling to field large regular forces for such a specialized mission.

The Grenadiers are the size of an independent brigade. They usually serve in smaller task forces and many of their tickets are to provide a battalion or so on call. They provide a collection of highly trained infantry and combat engineers as well as specialists like electronic warfare, recon, and other such things and are regularly trained in the difficulties of operating in a 3d artificial environment. They also have the attraction of having an efficient counterintelligence and courier system which allows them to be assembled without detection: this last capability has caused the Imperium several times to hire them for anticorsair missions. Their equipment while effective is not up to the level of Imperial level warfare: for instance while they have basic body army and hazardous environment suits they do not have battlesuits. Their basic weapon is the gauss rifle with disintegrating rounds and grenades of various types, purpose built for close in work. They also have a line of engineering tools designed to overcome obstacles.

They have a highly professional attitude about the tickets they take, refusing all tickets against a polity which has agreed to billet them (such polities also are allowed discounts when they wish to hire as are long time customers). They have also of late, in between major contracts taken duties as Swat for municipal police. For this work they have begun hiring professional hostage negotiators which in fact proved useful in military duty on more than one anti-corsair mission.

Personal are primary mixed humaniti-aslan. There are no rules about this other than obeying articles. The group is officially an LIC but Grenadiers can buy shares at a discount increasing with rank, seniority, and other distinctions. Officers can receive a commission on completing the Regina Free Lance Officer Candidate School, which takes subcontracts from various mercenary bands to train officers. The Brigadier and Council of Colonels however are either ceremonial leaders or business administrators rather than professional officers. Actual operations are in the hands of the Senior Lieutenant Colonel and his staff.
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