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Default Re: How many Auto Manufacturers are there in NA?

Yes this is clearly correct - the bad years of cannibal bikers are over. You also have to remember that to most people a biker gang might be preferable to the oppressive and corrupt local authorities of the nearby fortress town. Don't assume the people running the nearby fortress town are angels of democracy.

As Sword said if civilization has fully returned the first thing they'd do is restore law and order, so obviously in CW civilization has hit the skids like Mad Max (not Road Warrior).

I think the worst the local cops could probably do is gather some vigilantes and hunt the local gang down

Originally Posted by 43Supporter View Post
Somewhere in the sourcebooks is a quote: "There aren't that many cycle gangs left; but the ones which do exist are as well-armed as we are."

The *REALLY* Smart Cycle Gangs have taken a page from the CyClones of mid-Tennessee, and the Mafia and street gangs before them: They have essentially *become* Local Law Enforcement. 1st of the month, the locals pay the gangs, and receive a contact number in return; if there's a problem, the locals call the number, and the gang shows to deal with it.

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