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Default Re: How many Auto Manufacturers are there in NA?

Somewhere in the sourcebooks is a quote: "There aren't that many cycle gangs left; but the ones which do exist are as well-armed as we are."

The *REALLY* Smart Cycle Gangs have taken a page from the CyClones of mid-Tennessee, and the Mafia and street gangs before them: They have essentially *become* Local Law Enforcement. 1st of the month, the locals pay the gangs, and receive a contact number in return; if there's a problem, the locals call the number, and the gang shows to deal with it.

Moreover: The gang makes sure to *NOT* predate upon the locals. This is the mistake which ended the Golden Age Of Piracy in the 1600s and 1700s -- the pirates would attack only Spanish possessions, and sell the proceeds to the English, Dutch, French, and (later) American colonials; the colonials, not having to pay extortionate amounts for basic supplies, were able to bootstrap up to where they were making actual money, and so gave the pirates a "safe harbor" to sell their prizes; then the pirates noticed "attacking Spanish property isn't that profitable any more; all the money is with the non-Spanish colonials"; the pirates then started attacking the non-Spanish colonials, thus ruining the aforementioned "safe harbors"; no longer having anywhere safe to hide, the pirates were soon wiped out. In the CWverse, cycle gangs do much the same -- they have a place where they do *NOT* engage in criminal acts, but actually provide useful goods and services (just don't ask where it came from, dig? :) ), and the locals in that area support them by Not Asking, Or Answering, Questions.

This means: In order to put an end to a Smart predatory cycle gang, one has to wait for them to leave their usual bailiwick, *then* Gallagher them....

As to the police: One of my recurring design "themes" is cost-effectiveness -- what's the least-expensive, most-effective design I can come up with? I'll admit an airplane is a spendy piece of kit; but if I can reuse it enough times, and better-yet do so without it taking damage, after a while, it pays for itself. Same for a semi-trailer rig; a _Wolverine_|_Brimstone_ is relatively inexpensive, and does absolutely *horrific* things to attacking bikes (I do love me some Flame Cloud :) ).
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