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Default Re: How many Auto Manufacturers are there in NA?

In reality any police force is at best funded to deal with what the taxpayer considers un-desireable. Many police forces have to make do with far less.

In game, police forces are generally strapped for funding as there are few taxpayers. They may be able to fund their activity with salvage, but cluster bombs from orbital stealth bombers will not make enough to cover the fuel and ammunition costs, let alone the occasional aircraft they will lose.

Of course you are at liberty to presume that police forces have more than enough resources to deal with cycle gangs, but then you have to consider that no cycle gangs can exist anymore, as 43 says, they will have been wiped out. Once you have got rid of the cycle gangs you don't really have much justification for armed cars anymore and the game becomes a bit redundant.

If you accept the canon view that cycle gangs DO exist, you must accept that omnipotent police either do not exist or find some other reason to justify the gangs continued existence. It is less difficult to assume the police are underfunded and overstretched as that has been the traditional position throughout history.

Your Mileage May Vary :)
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