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Default Re: Getting the Gods into the Magic System

Originally Posted by StevenH View Post
I've thought it might be interesting to do something along these lines: Mana is provided by the gods. In order to get any, you have to sacrifice things to the gods, and the mana you get is aspected to them and their sphere of influence.
That's an interesting idea. Lots of great ideas in this thread for me to think through.

You guys are really forcing me to think about how I want people in the setting relating to the gods, and that's a good thing.

Originally Posted by maximara View Post
The key issue is what do these deities get from followers and if they get something how much do those followers effect the deities. Does their ability to mess around in the world involve belief?
The form the gods take, and the gods' ability to mess around with the world, both depend on human thoughts, including beliefs, but also dreams and imagination. Almost nobody knows this, including among the gods. Gods seek worship because they want to be worshiped.

If so what level is enough to keep them going?
That's deliberately kept ambiguous. Many of the new gods have elements of gods that nobody has believed in for millennia. Since the setting is a future post-apocalyptic Earth, these old gods are the gods we know.

So, for instance, the new god Red Bull has many characteristics of the Egyptian god Apis, along with many differences. Is Red Bull in some way Apis? Who knows?

Even names can carry over. There's a god of agriculture and war named "Mars". Is He the same Mars the Roman's worshiped? He has similarities and differences.

Do the deities make magical items as an examples of their power so to attract more followers?
Generally, they only make magic items to achieve some practical goal of their own. This can still lead to magic items of divine creation getting into moral hands. Making magic items of divine quality takes a lot of work.

Good question! I need to think about this.
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