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Default Re: Getting the Gods into the Magic System

Originally Posted by Greg 1 View Post
Just for the hell of it, I’m working on a new setting. I’m not sure how to best set up the magic system so that the gods are flavorfuly woven into it, and I’m looking for ideas. In the setting, magic comes directly from the gods and requires petitioning the gods correctly. In magic as in ordinary life, few people rely on only one god, since no one god oversees all aspects of the world. Instead, the wizard learns to interact with “the gods”. Wizards are like voodooists, dealing with multiple loa. Priests exist, but there is no separate system for “clerical magic”. Priests who want to cast spells have to learn the same magic as everyone else.

I’m leaning towards some version of path/book magic, with modifiers for how well the rituals incorporate the relevant gods, and how those gods feel about the spellcaster and their goal. However, that would be difficult to implement for the following reasons.
Is the magic invoking these gods Mana or Sanctity based?

Originally Posted by Greg 1 View Post
1. There are many gods. At my last count, there are 67 major ones who have worshipers all over the continent where campaigns are assumed to be set.

2. The jurisdictions of these gods overlap. So, for instance, there are eight competing major gods responsible for the element of fire.
Are they all truly different gods or the different aspects of far fewer gods?

Take Greek mythology for example where in some versions Helios is just another aspect of Apollo - part of him but separate. Hinduism is another example where each main deity has several aspects; sort of like one of those Russian dolls that has another smaller one inside of it.

Miscellaneous Myths: Kali Tries To Kill Everything given one example. Parvati is an aspect of Shakti. Durga is an aspect Shakti. And Kali is an aspect of Durga.

Christianity has something similar (Father, Son, Holy Ghost) but they are all equal.

Originally Posted by Greg 1 View Post
3. Some gods have much broader jurisdictions than other gods. So, for instance, one god is a deity of agriculture, drugs, fire, law, and war, while other gods have jurisdiction over only one of those areas.
This is sounding much like that aspect thing.

Originally Posted by Greg 1 View Post
So, any thoughts on how to set up the magic system?
IMHO, there are a few more needed details to give more then vague suggestions.
Help make a digital reference for GURPS by coming to the GURPS wiki and provide some information and links. Please, provide more then just a title and a page number.
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