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Default Weapon master (Bow) cost reduction, and suggestions on Weapon Master (Ranger/Archer)

1. Our group feels with certain weapons for Weapon Master the cost isn't balanced real well. For Weapon Master Bow you get less damage bonus (comparitively to swing bonuses at ST13+), you don't get the reduced multiple parry bonus. Same can be said for other weapons that only use thrust or no parries. We feel the cost for certain specialties should be reduced a bit and I'm looking for suggestions on what a fair reduced cost would be. For instance, Weapon Master (Bow) should be 12 or 15 points rather than 20.

2. The book suggests "knightly weapons" as a group. What other groupings are there in any of the books, if any? What would you suggest? What about something with an archer or ranger using primarily bows?

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